Sunday, March 19, 2017

People of Falashmura

People of Falashmura from Lior Sperandeo on Vimeo.

n 1950 Israel created the "Law of Return" Which gives all Jews and spouses of Jews the right to immigrate and settle in Israel. 66 years later there is one group of Jews in Ethiopia (around 5000 families) who are waiting desperately to immigrate to Israel. Falash-Mura is the name given to the last Jews in Ethiopia and It means: "landless, wanderers, refugees". It was very ironic to film this piece while the preparations for Passover took place, a time where Jews all over the world celebrates the Exodus and freedom from slavery, While this community is still dreaming to cross their Red sea on their way to the promise land. I Believe that soon they won't be called Fallashmura anymore because they do have a Land, the Jewish Land.

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