Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jesus or Yeshua? God or Yah? What Are The True Names??

"No matter what you call 'em....just call 'em". - Gramma Psalms 20:7. There is much debate...and shall b more, I'm sure. Know this...trusting in academia, or the books of the scholarly, those who've received degrees is unwise for learning matters of The Creator. They have been misled via fraternal orders (secret societies) with a deceptive agenda. The agenda is a Luciferian one, designed to trap you into pride and self-centeredness, moving you away from the humbling truth that there is something greater than self, which you should willingly bow down to. For some, the lofty minded delusion of grandeur offered by a belief in self as supreme is too powerful a deception to simply pray away by faith. If you are like I was, a certified Saul, a Christian killa, then you are locked in the box of books, leaning to your own understanding....and bringing a cheaply tailored version of Crowleyism to infect those around you. The wise man knows that he knows not. Be not wise n your own eyes. Humble yourself. Know thyself/know thy enemy. Avoid the chaos of k.o.s. (knowledge of self) when it is unrefined and wild. With great power comes greater responsibility. What kind of Supreme Being are you? Make me a tree. An apple seed. A scarab beetle. Making chillun don't qualify ya to be like my YAH. Form a few galaxies, maybe then you can come holla at me, lol. In all seriousness, this must be addressed and I expect moor questions will arise. Be at peace, in Jesus' name! Out.

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